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Failure to Launch: NACPBA Cancels Plans for 2008 Tour
Feb 28, 2008, 12:41 PM

In early December 2007, a Web site popped up that caused a stir on online pool forums. A group called the North American Confederation of Professional Billiard Associations (NACPBA) promised to unveil a professional tour in 2008 that would dole out $22 million in prizes.

Less than three months later, the NACPBA is no more. In a Feb. 27 press release, tour officials said the anonymous financial supporters "feel that the environment of professional pool/billiards in the United States of America is not conducive to the sizable investment they were talking about."

That sizable investment was supposed to fund the tour for the first three years, while the backers were in a "research and development project." The NACPBA claims the mysterious investors have found other venues to market an unspecified product.

The NACPBA Web site that raised eyebrows in December is now offline.