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Williams Wins Western Women's Open
Jul 15, 2008, 6:42 PM

Williams edged Nakamura in the second set of the final for the $1,300 first prize.
After three sets of 10-ball, Grace Nakamura and Susan Williams showed there was little between first and second place besides the $450 difference in prize money.

The two first matched up in the hot-seat of the Women's Western Amateur Open event held July 11-13 at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson, Ariz. The two traded racks until eventually meeting on the hill. Williams took the final rack to move into the hot-seat.

Nakamura then faced Texas semi-pro Heather Lloyd, who is a force on regional tours throughout the Southwest. This match, however, went to Nakamura, as the Canadian import sent Lloyd into third place.

The true double-elimination final was a continuation of the drama from the hot-seat match. Williams and Nakamura again met on the hill in the first set. This time, Nakamura was the last woman at the table, sinking a nifty 6-7 combo on her way to winning the first set.

In the do-or-die second set, Nakamura could not maintain her top speed. Williams, meanwhile, looked to catch a second wind, and she pulled away for the win. She lined up the final 3-10 combo, drilling the tournament winner.

Western Women's Amateur Open
Mazatzal Casino Payson, Ariz.
July 11-13
1. Susan Williams $1,300
2. Grace Nakamura $850
3. Heather Lloyd $550
4. Bernie Store $350
5. (tie) Sunny Ulrich, Susan Lance $230
7. (tie) Emily Wilmoth, Leandra Gaff $175