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Amateur Hour: Ozone Billiards Open Recap
Aug 12, 2008, 11:17 AM

Jentsch excelled in 9-ball, 10-ball and 14.1 events. (Photo by J.R. Calvert/www.jrcalvert.com)
After a busy few days at the Ozone Billiards U.S. Amateur Open, Dominic Jentsch proved to be one of the most active participants.

The 16-year-old German import snapped off the open 9-ball division and the Dragon Promotions World Junior 10-Ball Championships. Jentsch, a three-time junior national champion in Germany, also placed fifth in the 14.1 division of the professional Lucasi Hybrid Invitational Classic.

The women's 9-ball event was won by Stephanie Mitchell of Wesley Chapel, Fla. Joe Bartlett, another Florida native, snapped off the seniors 9-ball event.

In the juniors 10-ball division, Jentsch faced recent BEF National Champion Austin Murphy in the final. Fitting for a match between two of the world's top junior cueists, the final went to hill-hill, with Jentsch winning the deciding rack.

In the final of the girls division, Liz Lovely topped two-time junior national champion Briana Miller.

Ozone Billiards U.S. Amateur Open
Jacksonville, Fla. Aug. 1-3

Open 9-Ball
1. Dominic Jentsch $1,625 & $1,000 bonus from Lucasi Hybrid
2. Ramsey Barrett
3. Ryan Dunn
4. Tim Beba
5. (tie) Dan Dennis, Landon Shuffett
7. (tie) Chip Dickenson, Mark Ritter

Womens 9-Ball
1. Stefanie Mitchell $500 & $1,000 bonus from Lucasi Hybrid
2. Ashea Erdhal
3. Cristina De La Garza
4. Brianna Miller
5. (tie) Olga Gofhkova, Monica Riley

Seniors 9-Ball
1. Joe Bartlett $500
2. William Veguilla
3. Pat Howey
4. Bob Albert

Juniors World 10-Ball
1. Dominic Jentsch $1,000
2. Austin Murphy
3. (tie) Billy Thorpe, Nick Tafoya
5. (tie) Landon Shuffett, Brianna Miller, Anthony Meglino, Adam Behnke

Girls' Juniors World 10-Ball
1. Liz Lovely $1000 plus $1,000 Lucasi Hybrid Bonus
2. Brianna Miller

Scotch Doubles 9-Ball
1. Ashea Erdahl, Josh Lewis $500
2. Amy Poulter, Jason Sheerman
3. Samm Diep, Mike Fieldhammer
4. Stephanie Mitchell, Troy McCoy