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DCC Update: Frost Ices 1P
Jan 29, 2010, 11:26 AM

ELIZABETH, Ind. -- It's been a long year since Scott Frost lost the final of 2009 Derby City Classic one-pocket division. Just a year ago, the Phoenix native lost a shootout to John Schmidt, who ended the race-to-3 match in just 35 minutes.

This year, though, Frost was in a very different final, facing Texan Sylver Ochoa. The two locked up in a three-hour battle that saw all five games turn into defensive struggles, with most of the action taking place up-table. But, in the end, Frost would win the final game to take the title that had eluded him for years.

"I've been dreaming of this for 11 years," Frost said, with the 2010 version of the Derby City Classic being the 12th year.

Winner of the 2003 Legends of One Pocket and 2005 U.S. Open One-Pocket Championships, Frost finally took what is among the most prestigious titles in one-hole.

While last year's All-Around Champion John Brumback took the banks title for a second consecutive year, the 9-ball division will feature a new winner, with Shane Van Boening, last year's titlist, playing in the concurrent World Team Championship in Germany.

The 9-ball event will continue play throughout the weekend, with the final tentatively scheduled for 9 p.m. on Saturday night.