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BCA 9-Ball Champs Crowned
May 23, 2005, 4:39 PM

Thorsten Hohmann and Allison Fisher have taken titles at the Billiard Congress of America's annual pro event, the BCA Pro Open 9-Ball Championship.

Fisher fought off three-time defending champ Karen Corr in the final, and won, 7-5.

The men's final match was a shocker. Hohmann kept Johnny Archer in his chair for nearly the whole match, laying down a break-and-run each time he broke in the alternating format. Archer, meanwhile, struggled with the break, sinking nothing once and scratching once. The result was a lopsided 7-0 win by Hohmann.

Both winners collected $15,000. For detailed brackest from both divisions, visit www.wpba.com.