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"I will never allow pool players to take a financial hit": Trudeau Anticipates Shortened Schedule, Promises Refunds
Dec 19, 2006, 9:48 AM

In an e-mail sent Dec. 18 at 3:37 p.m., International Pool Tour Founder Kevin Trudeau addressed several questions on the minds of players and hopefuls, most notably announcing that the schedule for the 2007 season will be finalized by March 1, and fewer events are anticipated. As such, those who participated in qualifying tournament in pursuit of a 2007 tour card will be refunded their $2,000 entry fee if the schedule is abbreviated.

The full text of Trudeau's e-mail is included below:

From: dandrews@internationalpooltour.com
To: dandrews@internationalpooltour.com
Sent: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 3:37 PM
Subject: Message from Kevin Trudeau

Subject: IPT Updates

Dear IPT players & all qualifier participants,

I am writing this to all IPT players, and every player who participated in a 2007 Tour Card Qualifying Tournament. Here are the updates relating to the IPT 2007 Season and the IPT's future:

We are still working on the merger/acquisition with Ho Interactive as well as the option of taking the IPT public independently. These negotiations and details are going rather slow but still look encouraging.

We are still actively pursuing major sponsorship packages for the 2007 season. Great progress has been made although nothing is definitive as of yet.

We anticipate announcing the 2007 season schedule by March 1st. The schedule may be smaller than we had hoped.

We are on schedule for paying the players for the 2006 World Open. We anticipate getting all players paid in full within the first quarter of 2007.

If the IPT is not capable of fulfilling the 2007 season schedule as we had previously announced, the IPT will refund the $2000 entry fee to every single player who entered a qualifying tournament for a 2007 Tour Card! By March 1st, we should know what the 2007 season schedule will be.

As you all know, I love pool. The IPT is meant to be a tour where the players are put first. I want the IPT to have tournaments each and every year and grow. Most importantly I want to make sure that the players are
always put first. If the IPT struggles, I will personally continue to lose money. However, the players will never lose a single penny even if the IPT fails. This is why if we cannot meet the expectations for the 2007 season, we will refund the entry fees for every player who entered a 2007 Tour Card qualifier. Obviously, players entered the qualifier based on the potential winnings and monetary guarantees mentioned for 2007 Tour Card holders. If these cannot be fulfilled we will make sure that the entry fees will be refunded in full. In any other business, such as the airlines, this would not happen. The business would simply file for bankruptcy and have no legal obligation to pay back anyone. However, I love pool and I love pool players! I will never allow pool players to take a financial hit. I hope that you can appreciate my efforts and commitment to the IPT and to you the players.

It appears that the IPT will continue with tournaments although the schedule may be smaller than we initially forecasted. We all agree that the most important thing is that the IPT continue in some fashion or another. During this holiday season, be thankful for all that has been accomplished this year and be hopeful for all the great things that we will accomplish in the future.

Happy holidays to all,

Kevin Trudeau, Founder