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Harriman Wins Windy City Open Banks
Jan 5, 2007, 2:43 PM

The 2007 Windy City Open began on Jan. 2 and has seen several top talents blowing through the brackets.

The fourth annual event kicked off with a Bank 9-ball tournament, bringing 13 players including Danny Harriman, Chris Gentile, and defending WCO Bank Tournament Champion Neal Jacobs.

Harriman nabbed the title this year, winning $1,000. Gentile took second, with Jacobs and Shane Van Beoning filling out the winner's circle.

The night also included an exhibition match between Joey Korsiak and Tommy Kennedy. Tony Robles and other players from the Pool, Poker & Pain reality show were also in attendance while filming for the shows debut.

Jan. 3 featured the Seniors 9-Ball Open, Women's Mini 9-Ball, Open Mini 9-Ball, and the APA Bucket of Beer Scotch Doubles. Players getting to the event center late were just in time for the Midnight Madness 9-Ball Event. Finishing up at 7 a.m., the top three players split the pot. Joanne Ashton of the Budweiser Twins won the ladies Mini 9-Ball event defeating Molly Yoder. Henry Brodt defeated Lyn Wechsler in the Senior 9-Ball event. The Open Mini 9-Ball event put Jim Engles up against Donnie Branson. Branson took top honors over Engles.

Thursday, Jan. 4 kicked off early with the Open League Single 8-Ball and 9-Ball events, bringing together the area's best league players. Single play will continue into Friday, Jan. 5. Thursday also saw the start of the Pro-Am event, which featured nine players including Harriman, Jesse Bowman, Van Boening, and Tommy Kennedy. Stay tuned for results.