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Moore Wins!
Feb 22, 2007, 9:49 AM

The Great Southern Billiard Tour was in action again over the weekend with a field of 64 players at Sporty's Sports Bar in Greenville, S.C. The field for this one was packed with top talent including Earl Strickland, Monica Webb, Nick Varner, Jeff Abernathy, Paul Song, Stan and Landon Shuffett, Scott Rabon, Stevie Moore, Sarah Rousey, Tony Watson, Bill Bailey, Jason Klatt, Larry Nevel, Gabe Owen and Helena Thornfeldt.

The upsets started coming in the first round where Monica Webb handed Earl Strickland a 9-5 loss. Strickland would lose his next match on the one-loss side and end the day out of the money.

The winner's side got underway on Sunday with Nick Varner, Scott Rabon, Gabe Owen and Brian White all winning matches. Varner and Owen would advance to the hot-seat match after wins over Rabon and White. Varner went on to score a 9-3 win over Owen to take his second hot-seat in a row.

On the one loss side, it was Stevie Moore who was making waves. Moore had lost to Rabon, 9-0, on Saturday, but had come back with notable wins over Tony Watson, Rabon and Larry Nevel. Moore was on the winning side of a donut score when he beat Owen, 7-0, to get to the finals.

Moore went into the final needing to beat Varner twice to earn first place. With momentum on his side, Moore made quick work of Hall of Famer Varner, 9-3 and 7-2, in the final.

1st place: Steve Moore $2,100.00
2nd place: Nick Varner $1,550.00
3rd place: Gabe Owen $1,000.00
4th place: Larry Nevel $500.00
5th place: Brian White, Scott Rabon $315.00
7th place: Josh Roberts, Brian Capps $100.00
9th place: Jason Klatt, Landon Shuffett, Paul Song, Jeff Abernethy $55.00