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Stroke of Genius

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Video provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions
December 2010: Medina's Magic

Player: Danny Medina
Event: 1991 Sands Regency Open XIV
Date: December 12, 1991

MAYBE NOT in itself up to the lofty standards of previous entries into Stroke of Genius, this shot from Danny Medina is more of a cliffhanger - with the thrilling conclusion coming in next month's issue.

When a player is feeling it - or in the zone or in dead stroke or any other term for that enigmatic mental state where missing is impossible - he's likely to err on the side of aggression when it comes to shot selection. Take this rack, for example.

In what appeared to be an unremarkable race to 13 against Billy Incardona in early rounds of the Sands Regency Open XIV, Medina trudged through the opening racks and took a 2-1 lead in rather sloppy fashion. But after clearing an open table after an error from Incardona, the Denver pro unleashed a remarkable display of firepower. He ran six consecutive racks to push his lead to 9-1.

Medina then opened the 11th rack by pocketing the 1 ball in the top left corner to end up in the position shown. The 2 ball was deep in the bottom left pocket, with the 3 ball hiding behind the 6 and 9.

Loading up on topspin, Medina sent the cue ball off the long rail before tipping the 2 ball home. The cue ball then scooted along the bottom rail, making contact with it twice before breaking up the cluster. The 6 shoved the 3 in the corner, clipped the 9 ball and then went off the long rail before stopping near the 9.

In the end, Medina wasn't necessarily in the best shape, with the 8 ball stuck right in line with cue ball the 4. But he hit an absolute stunner to stay alive and keep his run going.

Any ideas how he got out of this tough spot? Let your imagination run wild - and we'll have an answer for you next month!

(Video clip provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions.)

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