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Stroke of Genius

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Video provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions
January 2010: Reyes Takes a Turn

Player: Efren Reyes
Event: Sands Regency Open XVIII
Date: December 11, 1993

IN THE late rounds of the December version of the bi-annual Sands Regency Open, Efren Reyes faced an out with four balls lined up in a straight line.

So what was the “Magician” solution to this slightly tricky position play? He sent the cue ball along a path that was anything but straight to get position on the 7 ball.

With a firm stroke on the 6, which was just inches away from straight-in, Reyes drilled the cue ball with plenty of follow and a touch of right English. The cue ball bounced off the 6 and into the foot rail, less than a ball’s width from the 9 ball. From there, the topspin grabbed hold of the cue ball, turning it to the left at a right angle.

The cue ball then bounced off the long rail, brushed the side of the 7 ball ever so slightly, and came to a stop right between the 7 and 8 balls.

While the crowd cracked into a chorus of astonished gasps and disbelieving chuckles, Reyes lined up an easy stun shot on the 7 in the lower left corner. He then pocketed the 8 in the side, drawing back for perfect shape on the 9 into the same pocket that took the 6 and 7.

No doubt a ridiculously creative shot, Reyes’ play on the 6 ball was one more example that the Magician was capable of tricks nobody could even imagine. By no means the simple or recommended position play, this twisted route was an example of Reyes almost getting bored with simply running through a rack of 9-ball. He could have done plenty wrong on this position shot, but he combined the perfect amount of speed and spin to get out — and looked good while he did.

(Video clip provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions.)

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