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Stroke of Genius

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Video provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions

January 2011: Medina's Second

Player: Danny Medina
Event: 1991 Sands Regency Open XIV
Date: December 12, 1991

WELCOME BACK to part two of Danny Medina's Stroke(s) of Genius at the 1991 Sands Regency Open. We hope you survived the last month, presumably not entirely spent on the edge of your seat.

By the time Medina found himself in the position shown in Diagram 1, he'd already plowed through six consecutive racks, pushing what was a 2-1 lead against Billy Incardona to a 9-1 advantage in the race to 11. But, as Medina reduced the game of 9-ball to connect the dots, he ran into a tricky situation while racing through Rack 7. To get in the spot shown here, Medina pocketed the 2 ball in the lower right corner, sending the cue ball along the bottom rail and into a 6-3 combination.

Unfortunately, as you can see, the 8 ball presented a bit of a problem for the 4 ball. But when you've nailed your last 50-some shots, it's a bit easier to throw caution to the wind. With the 4 ball just a hair off the long rail, Medina sent the cue ball off the head rail with a fair, but not extreme, bit of gusto. It bumped into the 4 just before hitting the long rail, sending the purple sphere directly toward the 9-6 cluster a diamond from the foot rail.

The 9-6 cluster, though, lined up perfectly with the bottom right corner, so all the 4 had to do was contact the 9 ball and the 6 would obey and head for darkness. Which is exactly what happened. Not only that, the cue ball, after hitting the 4, rolled down-table and settled near the foot spot. The 9 ball tiptoed to the bottom rail, and the 4 sat directly in front of the pocket that had just swallowed the 6.

Medina easily cleared this rack and the next before scratching on the break. In total, he put down eight racks in a row, before clearing the next table after a miss from Incardona for an 11-1 win.

(Video clip provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions.)

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