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Stroke of Genius

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June 2015: 2015 Derby City Classic Bank Pool Ring Game

Player: John Morra
Event: 2015 Derby City Classic Bank Pool Ring Game
Location: Elizabeth, IN
Date: January 30, 2015

Perhaps not the most creative shot to earn distinction as a "Stroke of Genius," this effort made up for geometric bluntness with flawless execution. The 2015 Derby City Classic's bank pool ring game wasn't entirely dismissive of kiss shots, but it demanded exceptional circumstances. But this being banks, object balls have a tendency to get stuck hanging in pocket jaws, making a clean bank a tricky if not impossible task. One- and two-rail kicks were no good, but any shot that hit a trifecta of rails or more would be allowed.

In the first rack of the event, such a scenario presented itself. Nine balls were pocketed, leaving only the 5 ball in the position shown in the diagram. Just a breath off away from the side pocket point, the orange ball could not be redirected into any other pocket besides the one it had cozied up to. Four of the six players had a chance to take a circuitous route toward the $50 bank, but all failed before John Morra approached the table. The Canadian knew where the cue ball had to go — off the head rail, long rail and foot rail before somewhat fully hitting the 5 ball. Using a tiny bit of right English, he sent the cue ball on a trans-table jaunt that ended with it knocking the 5 ball into the side pocket. With a little extra momentum, the cue ball hit the right long rail and rebounded an inch.

Thanks to shots like this one, Morra outlasted four of his five opponents, including big-time bankers Francisco Bustamante and Shannon Daulton. But he finally fell to eventual winner, Justin Hall.

(Video clip provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions.)

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