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Stroke of Genius

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Accu-Stats "Make It Happen" One-Pocket Invitational

Player: Scott Frost
Event: Accu-Stats "Make It Happen" One-Pocket Invitational
Location: Edison, N.J.
Date: June 28, 2015

Part of pool's charm is the sheer amount of variables to consider when trying to examine a player's entire game. The qualifiers — only in rotation games, or on a barbox or in a long race — make true comparisons more an exercise in debate than statistics. When it comes to one-pocket, though, Scott Frost can't be far from the top of the list for the best players in the world today.

At this summer's Accu-Stats "Make It Happen" One-Pocket Invitational, Frost took on Alex Pagulayan, who is world class in whatever game he decides to play that day. When the two met in the six-player round-robin, both Frost (1-3) and Pagulayan (0-4) were desperately in need of a win. Early in the first rack of the race-to-3, the diminutive Filipino left the imposing American in the situation shown in Diagram 1.

Frost, shooting at the pocket on the bottom right, wasn't left with much. The stack of balls was tightly wound, with perhaps the 13 being a candidate for a bank of the left long rail. The problem with that approach, though, would be a cue ball pin-balling around the table — usually not a desired solution in one-pocket. But Frost saw a solution that would let him bank the 13 and retain control of the table. In Diagram 2, you can see the ball paths that look a little jumbled, but it all went according to his plan. He sent the cue ball into the 13, banking it off the long rail. The 13 then headed directly into the 15-8 cluster, which was aligned so the 8 would carom perfectly off the 2 ball and into the bottom right corner pocket.

The shot — and the creativity to see it, the courage to try it and the skill to execute it — is an absolute stunning example of one-pocket played to perfection. Frost went on to win this rack and the match, but had to watch the event be won by Efren Reyes.

(Video clip provided by Accu-Stats Video Productions.)

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