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Legends of One-Pocket Championships

Player: Buddy Hall
Event: Legends of One-Pocket Championships
Location: Baton Rouge, La.
Date: November 1, 1998

A second-round match between Buddy Hall and Efren Reyes certainly qualifies to be included in an event known as the "Legends of One-Pocket." The two Hall-of-Famers can handle just about any discipline, with one-hole tops among that list.

Up 1-0 in games in a race-to-4, Hall tussled in a safety battle with Reyes, eventually coming to the table in the position shown. Hall had the bottom left pocket, and Reyes had the bottom right.

Without anything close to an offensive option, Hall stalked the table trying to come up with a defensive shot that wouldn't give Reyes an angle on the handful of balls with clean paths to his pocket.

Commentators Scott Smith and Bill Staton didn't see any promising options for Hall. The 5 and 8 balls weredangerous, and the stack didn't offer much more help.

Hall eyed a potential combination that would give him a chance to hide the cue ball in one of the few places available on the table. He sent the cue ball off the left side of the 6 ball. It then went off the right long rail on its way up-table. The 6 hit 1 one nearly fully, before it rolled a few inches toward the short rail. The one rattled around Reyes' pocket and headed toward the center of the table.

The cue ball continued toward the head rail, bouncing the left rail and around the top right corner pocket. It came to a stop in line with the 13 and 5, leaving Reyes without a shot.

Hall went on to win the rack and the match, outlasted Reyes, 4-1. Hall continued to the final, but fell to Shannon Daulton in the final.

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